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"90 for 90"

Matchett & Ward Insurance is excited to announce our "90 for 90" campaign for 2015!!! We will be celebrating 90 years in business in 2016. Leading up to that 90th year, we will be giving back to our community as a "Thank You" for all of your support of our business for all of these years in Randolph County. "90 for 90" means that we will be doing 90 Community Projects for our 90 years in business. We have always strived to be a part of our community but this year will be even more special!! Just a few examples will be getting a team for Relay for Life, helping with donations to organizations in need, helping the Food pantry with food baskets and manual hours of service, pulling weeds downtown, helping promote festivals and events in our community, etc... To help us "give back", please let us know of any event that your business or organization will be having throughout 2015. We will be tracking and displaying our "90 Projects" in our office window and on Facebook. Please add us as a friend on Facebook and join in "sharing or liking" our posts so that we can spread the word and help even more people than we thought imaginable!! Maybe we will even surpass our "90" goal!!  Here is a picture of one of our "projects"--participating in the National Pie Day contest sponsored by Wick's Pies of Winchester, IN